Pricing foreword.   Welcome.  Our pricing structure is designed to cover whatever you would like to use our Drone/Pilot service for, and we don't charge VAT.  A Professional Drone Service takes a certain amount of detailed planning on our part to ensure adherence to legally enforced "Civil Aviation Authority" (CAA) rules and safe operations. "Flight Time" may at times be less than 20 minutes but planning and safety considerations adds to that time.  That said, you will be pleasantly surprised at our pricing structure and it just takes a call or email to set the ball rolling (or Drone Flying!)

Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA).   We currently fly the recently developed DJI Mavic 2 Pro SUA, but most drones are a vehicle for a Photography and Video Camera.  The Mavic 2 Pro is known for its great camera quality shots and video clips, due both to camera quality and great stability.  It can fly in wind conditions up to 22 miles per hour, but not in the rain and has a safe battery flight time of around 20-22 mins before having to consider returning to the Landing Point for a battery change and we have multiple batteries.  Legal height limits are set at 400 feet and legal distances out to 500m subject to pilot visual contact maintained. Planned Leap frogging to achieve this distance out or further linear distance can be achieved but most operations will not need those distances.  Finally, night flights can take place but we currently have this on hold for the moment but we will fly 30mins before/after sunrise/sunset.

Client Remote Goggle Asset..  If you wish, you can make free use of our remote DJI goggles.  They give live views from the Drone Camera, allowing you to verbally direct the Pilot and take photos yourself.  So long of course the Pilot deems it safe to do so.


Bespoke Quotes on request.

Base Price

* Introductory offer does not include "The Full Package" and can be withdrawn at any time.

Domestic Property

10 Aerial Photo

From £85.00

Approx 3 Min Edited Video

From £85.00


From £145.00

Commercial Property

10 Aerial Photo

From £125.00

Approx 3 Min Edited Video

From £125.00


From £250.00

All above for up to 45 Mins on Site
Below is for Bespoke services Domestic or Commercial
Add to Base Price

Up to 1 Hour.

From £100.00

1 - 2 Hours

From £175.00

2 - 3 Hours

From £250.00

3 - 4 Hours

From £300.00

4 - 8 Hours on Site
(Bespoke Service)
1 - 4 Hours on Site
(Bespoke Service)

4 - 5 Hour.

From £350.00

5 - 6 Hours

From £400.00

6 - 7 Hours

From £450.00

7 - 8 Hours

From £500.00

Below is for Regular return services.
(Max 45mins on Site as per Base Price)
For those locations / sites that have a regular and material change.

1 per Month for 2 Year

From £90 per visit

2 Per Month for 2 year

From £80.00

1 per week for 2 year

From £80.00

2 per week for 2 year

From £70.00

1 per Month for 1 Year

From £100 per visit

2 Per Month for 1 year

From £85.00

1 per week for 1 year

From £90.00

2 per week for 1 year

From £80.00

Selling your home or Commercial Building / Building Plot

EPC &/or Floor Plan

General Photos

Drone Photos#

Drone Video# / Walk about Video

From £250 or less if EPC already held and Drone not reqd.  Use with any Agent if they accept. Mix and Match whatever &  Full Copyright.

# Subject to location acceptance.

Full Package +

Considering Selling yourself? then add below:

*   L2L Private FSB

*   High St. Window

*   Brochure  *   Website

*   Support

*   No Lock In Contracts

Just add from £99.00  onto the Full Package above that you settle on.  All subject to final Links2Lincs site approval/ Quotation

Domestic Full Package
Commercial Full Package

EPC &/or Floor Plan

General Photos

Drone Photos#

Drone Video#

From £475 or less if EPC already held.  For use with any Agent

Mix and Match whatever.

Full Copyright.

# Subject to location acceptance.