First of all, I am local, Horncastle based for 30 years, so accountable.

Interested?  Then just CALL me, Tony on  07917602200 or EMAIL  me and the following can take place, with no commitment till Stage 4 is a Go.

STAGE  1.  Give Name, Contact details  Full Location address of task  and brief description of whats required.

STAGE  2.  I complete a pre-site survey on-line, to determine feasibility of requested task, within CAA limitations.

STAGE  3.  If all OK, and subject to quote acceptance and predicted weather conditions, a date/time is agreed.

STAGE  4.  On arrival, a final check of  Site and Safety survey is completed to decide on a final Go / No Go.

STAGE  5. If a "Go", task starts.  At this point you can partake via our separate Headset facility and direct camera Ops.

STAGE  6.  Task is completed and results sent back to you via DropBox within 24 -72 hours with invoice.


1.              CAA limitations:

a.   Max Ht 400ft / Distance out 500m so long as in Visual Line of Sight (VLOS).

b.   No flight within 50m of a neighbouring building / boundary, unless permission given. (CLICK HERE).

c.   No flights over crowds in excess of 1000 without further CAA permissions.

d.  Strict adherence to Airfield proximity and Air Traffic Air Law.


a.  We adhere to the 12 ICO Photography guideline, (CLICK HERE).

b.  See our ICO Privacy Impact Assessment. CLICK HERE

3.                       GENERAL.

a.  At times a neighbours permission may be required.  (CLICK HERE)

b.  No "DropBox" or YouTube account required, just email to receive Dropbox link to be able to download your images or You Tube video link if easier for your video usage/display, your choice.

c.  CLICK to see our Operations Manual

Some Ideas & prices start from

£35 only.

#  Owner Domestic and Commercial Property Views for nostalgia as well as Sales promotion.

#  Hire Pilot and Drone by the hour for bespoke services, incl. Weddings, Family Get-Togethers, Web Media Support etc

#  The Full Package  - Domestic and Commercial Sales Support - EPC, Floor Plans, Ground Wide Angle Photos, Aerial Photos and edited Video

#  Bespoke Ideas: High Rise Inspections on Churches, Woodland Canopy's, Farm Land, Buildings and  Building Sites, Golf Courses, Public Facilities, etc etc etc

#  Weekly / Monthly return visits for recording of changes to a specific site.