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The Formality of "MEES" and its "Exemption Register" complexity and costs OR our informal and impartial Energy Audit Service?

and don't forget, from April 2020, MEES applies to all Private Rentals, (domestic) not just when Marketing or renewing leases.
Trust me, It's not this difficult!

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

(MEES) click here for formal information. However, in broad brush terms, current legislation dictates from 1st April 2018 Domestic and Non Domestic property cannot be marketed or a lease renewal take place unless the property EPC is of a E Rating or higher.  There are however get-out clauses a Landlord may be able to apply via the Exemption Register. effectively making the property Sub Standard with some confusion regarding Listed Property. Due to potential complexity of the legislation, Landlords are advised to seek formal advice.   CLICK TO OPEN GOVERNMENT LICENCE for OPEN PUBLIC SECTOR INFORMATION

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ENERGY AUDIT SERVICE Our informal Energy Audit service, conducted by a qualified and experienced local assessor using formal EPC software, takes a practical approach.  Achieving in most cases, the aim of MEES, an E or above rated EPC, in a totally impartial way, meaning no hard sales techniques of install measurers, we work for you.  It gives Landlords the information and choice to decide and potentially really saves £100s if not £1000s.  Just give Tony a call, it doesn't commit you to anything.  Home owners too can benefit from this service:

Step 1 - We conduct a "As Is" Energy Assessment.
Step 2 - We provide up to 4 EPC scenarios, based on the "As Is" EPC in cost effective order.
Step 3 - You consider the scenarios and obtain your own quotes to achieve your chosen scenario.
Step 4 - You complete the works install programme.
Step 5 - We return to update your EPC to reflect work done.