and don't forget, from April 2020, MEES applies to all Private Rentals, (domestic) not just when marketing or renewing leases.

Stage 1.  Create an Account.  A screenshot illustration of content.

Click Here for formal Government Guidance.
As always with MEES legislation you are adviced to seek formal legal advice to fully understand a landlords commitment and Liability.

In Outline. Register online at:

a property for exemption, due to reasons given within the MEES legislation:

1. Complete Stage 1,  see screenshots example here, if not already done previously. 


2. Complete Stage 2.

(see screenshot example, showing 6 x reasons and corresponding required evidence), by registering  which reason and property applies, together with formal and possibly cost based applicable evidence.


3.  Stage 3.  You will receive via email, a reference no. confirmation of Exemption.

4.  Stage 4.  You are now able to market for rental or renew a lease, in the normal way using the substandard EPC.  Your Exemption Registration is now a matter of public record for anyone, including your local authority (who enforces MEES) by way of this link and use of your property postcode:


Use our unique and informal EPC based Energy Audit Service in the first instance. You could save £100's if not £1000's by avoiding unnecessary or non EPC Qualifying installations.  This may well save you the potentially higher costs and heartache of Exemption Registration and marketing restrictions a Substandard EPC may create.

Tenant on Benefits?

If so check out here to see if your Property and Tenant qualify for assistance.   Or maybe some local grants available here.

Stage 2.  Create an Exemption.  A screenshot illustration of content.

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