We get you on the Links2Lincs "Private Seller"

on-line Support system from £249.

The rest is up to you.

But with no "Lock In Contracts"  remove from the market at anytime and if you wish instruct another Agent.

Potentially, a new L2L service  - "Private Seller Support".

From £249, or even less!

What do you think?

From £249 or even less:

for the LN9 Area:

EPC - (Already have one?, then reduce by £50.00)

Floor Plan

Wide Angle Photography

Walk About Video

Appraisal (If with EPC or FP Service use)

On-Line Brochure

Web Search & Property Page

Individual "For Sale" Board

Market Sq. Window Display

Initial On-Line View Appt spt.

No Lock-In Contacts

Ownership of all Assets above

All from under one roof with Tony Cranwell, a qualified and experienced former local Estate Agent Manager Valuer, EPC assessor, Floor Planner, Photographer/Videographer and PfCO Drone Owner/Operator.

If you want more?:

for the LN9 Area:

EPC (New Homes or Commercial) - Add from £150.00)

Aerial Photography - From £85 for 10 Pics (Domestic).

Aerial Video - From £85.00 (Domestic).

Viewing Support - Only use if you wish and only per view - From £19.50 per view.

Negotiation Support - Only use if you wish and only per Offer - From £50.00 and only if successful to completion.

"How To" Support - Join one of our "How To" 2 hour classes on How to Appraise & Sell through to completion, your home. £25.00.

Example Only

This provisional service is under on-going live web construction, so layout, services, prices etc may keep changing.